Rep. Lauren Boebert Tears Into Liberal Talking Head (VIDEO)

Representative from Colorado Lauren Boebert appeared on ‘Dan Abrams Live’, a show on ‘News Nation’, to discuss the investigations into Hunter Biden from the House Oversight Committee over the weekend.

Host Dan Abrams attempted to stump Boebert, asking about the business dealings of the Trump children. Boebert fired back, giving mountains of evidence against Hunter Biden.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Boebert went even further, discussing the Biden documents scandal, adding that Hunter Biden was paying Joe Biden $50k a month for rent at the Delaware home where classified materials were discovered.

The host was speechless, backtracking and reduced to claiming that none of the the statements made by Boebert were true.

Watch that full interview below…

Even with classified materials being discovered dating back to Joe Biden’s Senate term, Dan Abrams continued to defend Biden. Claiming there was ‘no evidence’ that Biden is compromised.

Keep in mind, Democrats have been levying every investigation they could possibly imagine at President Trump since he started his initial campaign in 2015.

Now that the tables have turned, and Republicans have the ability to investigate blatant violations of the law that have been extremely well documented, the Democrats want to stop the investigation.

Transparently partisan.

Boebert was recently selected to be on the House Oversight Committee. She was a prominent member of the 20 Republicans who fought the selection of Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker.

Boebert won a very close and tightly contested election in 2022 to maintain her position in Congress. This is only her second Congressional term.

With powerful new committee selections and the ability to handle hostile media, Boebert is surely poised to be a big part of the House GOP for a very long time to come.

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