WATCH: Biden Brags That He’s Added More Debt Than Any Other President (VIDEO)

During an economic speech on January 26th, Joe Biden bragged about adding more to the U.S. Debt than any other President.

A clip of that can be seen below. Biden claims to have misspoke, then continues saying that he has accounted for 25% of the National Debt.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

CNS news is reporting that spending bills proposed and passed by Biden will inflate the National Debt to over $44 Trillion by 2032. That report can be quoted…

At the end of fiscal 2021, it indicates, the total federal debt was $28.386 trillion. At the end of fiscal 2032, it predicts, the total federal debt will be $44.797 trillion.

That means that under Biden’s budget plan the federal debt would increase by $16.411 trillion — or 57.8% — in the 11 fiscal years from when he first took office in fiscal 2021 through fiscal 2032.

The National Debt increased $7.8 Trillion during the four year Presidency of Donald Trump, though a majority of that spending came during the COVID-19 pandemic which saw government spend more money than ever before.

It is quite insane that Biden would actually brag about exploding the National Debt. It demonstrates the irresponsibility that Democrats seem to view as a virtue.

People are not better off because of the Biden spending. With price increases across the board, if anything, they are far worse off.

The people of our Country are suffering economically like few times in our history. It has all occurred at the hands of the Biden regime.

As we reported last week, the Biden administration is focused on ‘climate issues’ instead of repairing our broken economy.

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