Watch: Biden Spokesman Refuses To Say If Other Biden Properties Were Searched By FBI (VIDEO)

Spokesman for President Joe Biden Ian Sams spoke with reporters at the White House in order to discuss the FBI search on Biden’s Rehoboth, Delaware beach house today.

When asked if other properties that Biden owns have also been searched, Sams refused to answer the question. This question comes as reports have surfaced that FBI officials searched the Penn Biden Center back in Novemeber of 2022. That was only revealed recently.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Do the American People have a right to know” reporters shouted at Sams. He had no answer. See a clip of that below…

Despite the fact that nobody from the Biden Administration, nor from the FBI mentioned the November search of the Penn Biden Center until news reports surfaced just recently, Sams claimed that Biden has been completely transparent through this entire process.

See a clip of that below…

When asked why the search has taken so long to take place, which presumably would have given Biden and his team plenty of time to move or destroy any evidence of wrongdoing, he answered ‘that’s a good question’.

He then went on to state that Biden has been cooperating with the Justice Department from the beginning. See a clip of that below…

The White House seems to have no answer for the preferential treatment that they continue to receive. It should be noted that no classified material was taken from the search in Rehoboth.

They are not being transparent with the American people.

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