White House Press Secretary Snaps When Hammered Over Biden’s Cognitive Decline (Video)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged several questions today at the daily White House press briefing about President Joe Biden’s age and cognitive decline.

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It was a rough day for Jean-Pierre, as reporters asked repeated question about Hunter Biden’s situation in Delaware, as his sweetheart plea deal was rejected by a federal Judge. Jean-Pierre simply refused to answer questions about Hunter Biden.

“How can the Administration reassure Americans who are worrying about these leaders, like I said in Congress and here at the White House…” the reporter said. Jean-Pierre fiercely interjected, saying, “So is your question about Congress or is your question about leaders here? I’m not going to speak to leaders in Congress.” she stated.

“Here at the White House?” the reporter followed up. “Is there a way that this Administration is reassuring Americans who have these concerns?” he asked.

Jean-Pierre then dismisses the question, becoming angry as she lists his ‘bipartisan’ accomplishments. See a clip of Jean-Pierre losing it below…

This comes after President Biden shuffled away from the podium this morning, taking no questions from a fevered media that shouted questions about Hunter Biden. See a clip of Shufflin’ Joe Biden below…

This Administration simply refuses to acknowledge the highly visible cognitive decline of Joe Biden. Seeing clips of Joe Biden from prior years is shocking to say the least. It makes you realize just how lost this President truly has become. See a clip of Joe Biden from 2004 below…

If you didn’t know it, it would be hard to believe that the individual in that video is the same Joe Biden who is President today. It shows how far this President has deteriorated. Why won’t those around him acknowledge it? Simple. They are addicted to power.

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