Famous Musician Dead At 88

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Len Chandler, who is famous for his work with Bob Dylan, along with many civil rights focused works, passed away on August 28th, age 88.

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Len Chandler was born in May of 1935. He developed a love for music at a very young age before attending the University of Akron and earning a Music Education degree. After that he went on to Columbia University in New York City and got his Master’s degree.

Len by no means stopped there. Len Chandler went on to play a vital role in the Greenwich Village folk music revival. While getting started, Len played at Gaslight Cafe in Manhattan. Taking a big next step, Chandler took a job at WXYZ in Detroit.

Most of Chandler’s work revolved around the current events of the time, whether it was civil rights focused or peace in general.

As reported by Parade, Len Chandler performed with Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, and of course Bob Dylan. Although Len Chandler was most known for his skills on the obo, and his overall musical talent, Len was also a very active civil rights advocate. He sang with those other renowned musicians during anti-war marches including the 1964 March on Washington.

Bob Dylan once said of Len Chandler: “One thing about Chandler was that he was fearless. He didn’t suffer fools, and no one could get in his way,” adding: “Len was brilliant and full of goodwill, one of those guys who believed that all of society could be affected by one solitary life.”

Unfortunately, the beloved musician suffered many strokes and health complications in his old age. Lew Irwin, one of Len’s good friends, confirmed that Len had passed away on August 28th, at his home in Los Angeles.

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