Massive Sea Lion Attempts Escape, Smothering An Employee (Video)

At Marineland in Mallorca Spain, the aquarium was setting up for the ‘Sea Lion Experience,’ while guests looked on. The spectators were about to see more than they bargained for.

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According to the New York Post, an influencer by the name of Micah Diaz was attending the event as he and the others were expecting to see a professional sea lion show, full of tricks and amazing feats. While awaiting the beginning of the show, a sea lion started to swim his way up to the rim of the enclosure.

When the 20-year-old Micah saw the animal attempt his great escape, he whipped out his phone and began videoing. The sea lion weighing in at 750 pounds was not about to spin in circles and do flips for the crowd. He had much different plans. The massive creature hoisted his way onto the top of the glass and preformed an unplanned balancing act.


Massive Sea Lion Attempts Escape, Smothering An Employee

Spotting the giant animal on the loose, an aquarium employee rushed over to push the escapee back into the water and off of the glass. The employee was no match for the huge sea creature. The full 750 pounds of muscle and slick blubber came blasting down. In a complete refusal of surrender, the sea lion tackled the employee smacking her to the ground and subduing her with his weight.

Thankfully, the employee slid out as soon as the two combatants hit the ground with a terrifying thud, and she was not crushed. As far as we know she miraculously did not break any bones, although it is safe to say the hit will probably leave a mark.

On the other hand, the sea lion’s fall was broken by the considerate worker and the animal was perfectly fine. However, the escape was to no avail as the Mallorca aquarium team worked together and stuck him back in his tank.

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