Zebra Escapes Zoo in South Korea, Gallops Through City For Hours

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … zebra?

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That’s what people in Seoul, South Korea may have been asking when it was indeed zebra that galloped through their city for several hours. It had just escaped from the zoo. So naturally, it wanted to show its stripes in town.

The two-year-old zebra had been housed at Seoul Children’s Grand Park but managed to break free by damaging a wooden deck on its enclosure. It made its way around town for more than three hours before animal control was finally able to reel it in and return it safely to the zoo. Can you imagine just walking around the town and seeing a freaking zebra right next to you?

That’s a story to tell the family for sure!

Zebra on The Loose

On the bright side, no one was hurt — including the zebra.

This is despite the fact it could only be slowed by a tranquilizer dart. Eventually, the zebra tumbled to the pavement. Poor zebra, at least he was able to get some free time and stretch his legs. That’s all he wanted, some free time.

After that, the zebra was loaded onto a truck and taken back to the zoo, with a whole new enclosure. But hey, it probably needs one. While the zoo said they intend to monitor the zebra a little more closely, the zebra itself has made no comment. After everyone got to witness that adventure, really, what more could there be to say? It was an accident.

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