Sales Assistant Says She Can Tell How Men Cheat on Their Wives During Christmas

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Another day, another TikTok lesson about how to spot cheaters. TikToker Shannon Hill says she learned how to tell which men cheat and have a mistress by their perfume purchasing practices.

Men Try to Cover Their Mistress’s Scent Trail When They Cheat

Hill worked at a Chanel counter for many years and says Christmastime made the cheating obvious.

“I’ve got a little story, a little tea for you guys, if you will, about what husbands buy for not only their wife, but their mistresses too,” says Hill. She then explains that Chanel kept regular customers’ preferences on file. Over the holidays, husbands (and other men) would ask for their significant others’ favorite items and have them wrapped up.

Next, the cheaters would purchase perfume. Twice. That’s right. Men who cheat often get the same perfume for their wives and for their mistresses.

“Because guess what? They did not want to leave their mistress’s house smelling like a different woman,” Hill says. “If you worked their long enough and you knew the guys that would come in, you’d figure it out.”

It’s Not Just Perfume: Cheaters Are Predictable

Hill added that cheaters almost always chose the same fragrance, across the board.

“It was Coco Mademoiselle perfume,” she added, pausing from bites of salad. “It was never No. 5 because people would come in and buy that for their mom.”

“Us counter girls, we always have the tea,” she finished.

In the comments section, people mentioned how they’ve spotted similar practices. Men who cheat don’t limit their mistress copycat practices to perfume.

“I worked in high end jewelry for years. Husbands did the same thing. It was always funny to see the mistress come in after Christmas and exchange it,” said one person.

“Us bartenders too,” said another. “Sunday brunch with the wife and kids, lunch breaks and cocktail hour with the mistress.”

“I heard the same from personal stylists too! These stories are gold,” another chimed in.

Too many of us have witnessed cheating, whether personally or with strangers. However, if you’re having second thoughts about your man after finding a mysterious gold necklace or piece of lingerie in the bedroom, or a new brand of used feminine product in the trash can, it’s best to call it out for what it is. Don’t wait to smell the mistress on him.

You deserve better — and karma will come around, eventually.

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