Lindsie Chrisley Breaks Silence Following Parents Guilty Verdict

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Lindsie Chrisley, the estranged daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley, has made her first comments about the verdict rendered on her parents following their trial for bank and tax fraud.

The 32-year-old was participating in a Question & Answer session on her social media account. She chose to respond to a question asking how she was able to stay so positive despite all of the negativity surrounding her family.

“I don’t have anything truly figured out. I pray for the day that I can wake up + everything feels light + ok again,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Until then, I focus on things I can control. My relationship with God, my son, my girlfriends, work. It’s hard to not listen to noise, but when you walk in your truth, it’s not quite as loud.”

Mark Braddock, an associate of Todd Chrisley, had been on the stand in the bank and tax fraud case and was asked to describe their relationship. After seemingly admitting to the fraud charges, Braddock then chose a very specific word to describe their relationship: Intimate.

“I was complicit in giving him what he needed,” Braddock said.

“We had a personal relationship of an intimate nature,” he added “I would do whatever he needed to get done.”

He added fuel to the fire when he also testified to paying hush money to keep the relationship a secret.

Ultimately the Chrisley’s were found guilty on the charges and have only recently been speaking about the situations themselves.

Even that was simply lawyer speak, “I know all of you guys are wanting to know every detail that is going on in our lives, and I have to ask that you respect that we’re not allowed to talk about it at the present time,” Todd Chrisley said on the latest episode of Chrisley Confessions. “There will come a time to where all of it is discussed.”

As for how she plans on moving forward with the family dynamic, well she teased a future episode for that, writing: “Covering more details on this with my attorney this week on @coffeeconvospodcast. I think it’s time to speak, our truth + not what people assume from social media + bum reporting.”

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