Getting to Know First Lady Melania Trump

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It’s safe to that Melania Trump has been in the spotlight ever since her husband decided to run for president. With the attention always being on Donald Trump, people seem to forget the life of Melania Trump and where she came from. Trump is the only first lady in almost 200 years to be born outside of the United States and is the only first lady whose native language is not English. As far as her past, she is the first lady to be a former lingerie model.

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Still, her actions as a first lady of the United States have broken tradition by winning over some hearts. Trump became known for her high-quality fashion, with fans applauding her designer outfits as others sometimes criticized her expensive taste. Trump was born in Slovenia in 1970. She began her career as a model in the late 80s and decided to move to New York City to pursue her career in 1996. While modeling in Europe, Trump then learned to speak in five languages.

Donald Trump and future Mrs. Trump met at a party in 1988, in which Donald Trump had actually attended with another date. Melania quickly refused to give him his number at first, later asking for his and ended up calling him a few days after that. The couple married in 2005 with several well-known guests including Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Rudy Giuliani attending their wedding.

That’s when the two decided to take a step forward and Melania became pregnant with Barron Trump in 2006. When Donald Trump began his presidential run, Melania was perfectly okay and happy to stay underneath the radar. Her first major “political scandal” took place when she allegedly copied several parts of the Republican National Convention speech from a previous speech that Michelle Obama had given at the 2008 Democratic National Convention when Barack Obama was in office.

Despite the odd scandal, it didn’t slow down the Trump campaign and Melania officially became the first lady of the United States in January 2017. After Donald Trump’s win, both Melania and Barron did not immediately move to the White House and state of New York City until the end of Barron Trump’s school year. Fast forward to 2018, Melania then went to work and decided to do speeches to address cyberbullying and took on several solo trips to speak with those affected by the opioid crisis. She then took a major step after working on her first solo international trip back in October 2018. She spends five days in Africa exploring the program dedicated to Children’s well-being.



On February 19th, through a Fox News poll, the first lady had a 47 percent approval rating after 2 years in the White House, compared to that of President Donald Trump who had 43 percent. She was the subject of a biography published in December 2019 by CNN’s Kate Bennett, “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography.” The biography gave several details about Trump’s strategy, fashion, and life inside the White House along with her husband.

In 2019, there were new opportunities for the first lady as head of the administration, which included the trip to India. She also made occasional appearances throughout the coronavirus pandemic, through either video messages, and in front of socially distant reporters. So, safe to say First Lady Melania Trump is doing just fine, despite her husband being a target all over social media. As far as her relationship with Ivanka Trump…well that’s a mother story. But I wouldn’t believe all the rumors out there if I was you.

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