This smack down between 2 koalas stopped traffic in Australia Facebook/Marguerite Smith

Apparently, things between koalas can get a little adversarial at times.

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That’s certainly what happened between two bears down under recently when they took their tiff to the street–stopping cars in their tracks.

Marguerite Smith, of Stirling, South Australia, caught the fight on camera, and she was shocked at the showdown.

“C’mon boys. How am I going to get to work?” Smith can be heard in the video.

“So whilst a lot of you are battling Xmas traffic have a look at what held me up today! Only in Australia!!!” she posted to her Facebook page.

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Smith and at least one other vehicle, a motorcycle, had to stop to let the koalas get it all out. Eventually, they retreated to opposite corners of the street.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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