A guy donned a suit of armor, pretended to be a knight, and tried to get into some nightclubs — it didn’t end well YouTube/The Chortle/Screenshot
The Chortle - YouTube - Screenshot

This video — which was uploaded to The Chortle YouTube channel in 2016 — features a guy trying to gain entry to various nightclubs while wearing a suit of armor.

You’s think that would be easy, right? You would think that being dressed up as a knight would make you seem more intimidating than you actually are. Bouncers are tough, but are they tough enough to take on a knight of the realm?

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Apparently they are, because this guy doesn’t get in anywhere. After he realizes that nobody wants a weirdo in a suit of armor in their venue, he runs around the town freaking out members of the public and looking for weed, which he refers to as “Gandalf the Green.”

Better luck next time, Sir Prankster.

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