Comedy genius Gordon Ramsay went undercover again — and this time he joined a focus group

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Foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay has transformed himself into an overweight alter-ego using a fat suit and make-up for a recent episode of his new TV show “The F Word.”

Ramsay spent several hours in a makeup chair to achieve his dramatic transformation, and then went undercover at a focus group concerning the new show and Gordon Ramsay as a brand. The group members were asked various questions about Chef Ramsay and most didn’t hold anything back, giving brutally honest answers and revealing their opinions of Ramsay and his shows.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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The whole thing was recorded on hidden cameras, and was probably quite an ordeal for the notoriously arrogant Ramsay. The group members discussed how much of a jerk he is, did impressions of him being a boisterous potty-mouth, and even if decided whether or not he would be considered “sexy.”

When the Scottish chef eventually reveal himself to everyone, they reacted accordingly. Many seemed embarrassed — which was understandable considering they had just roasted the chef to his face.

Although it certainly wasn’t his first awkward interaction:

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