Bartenders and Waitresses Now Selling Nudes to Make Money While Laid Off

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dallas-area service industry professionals are hurting financially during the Coronavirus shutdown as business grinds to a halt, so in response, some of them are adding to their professional repertoires by taking their clothes off.

Katherine Doolittle, a former bartender at Deep Ellum’s Ebb & Flow in Dallas, has started Nudes for Industry Babes and Dudes with two service industry friends who were also affected by restaurant closures to help raise money for service industry pros in Dallas.

The group has paired with local photographers to shoot and then sell nude photos on OnlyFans, a platform that allows patrons to buy paid subscriptions to exclusive content from adult entertainment stars and models. They’re expecting to charge $20 for the full set of photos and say that 100% of the proceeds they raise will go to cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, and other restaurant professionals, as well as anyone else they’re able to help.

Doolittle believes the project should go live sometime this week and urges people to buy or at the very least share it far and wide so they can raise as much money as possible.

A few things:

1. This is some A+ charity work. Imagine how much money those Salvation Army bell wavers could raise if they were all naked hot chicks. (But really, this is great.)

2. I’ve been wondering, during this COVID-19 pandemic, how long until I’m at the point where I’ll take off my clothes for money on the internet. Of course, the difference between me and the people behind Nudes for Industry Babes and Dudes is that far fewer people — and probably no woman other than my wife — is really going to be into me baring all, so it’d probably have to be for gay dudes who have a thing for seeing mediocre straight dudes get naked and/or humiliate themselves. But, whatever. Money is money.

My worry is that by the time I get to that point the power grids and telecommunications will be all but done for. That I’ll have missed my window. These truly are uncertain times.

3. Either way, check back for updates on when this goes live!

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