Small Penis Dating App

If you believe that, when it comes to the quality of a male sex partner, it’s not about the size of the boat but, rather, the motion of the ocean, in large part because your part isn’t large, then good news! There’s a new dating site for you.

Appropriately named Dinky One (their logo is also undeniably brilliant), the site works to connect less endowed men with the lovers who prefer their type. For a man to be able to join his penis has to be less than 5.5 inches (or 14 centimeters), i.e. smaller than the average-sized penis. Users with micropenises (penises that are less than 3.5 inches or 9 centimeters) are especially encouraged to join.

The site boasts over 27,000 users and is already helping connect men who’d thought they’d gotten the short end of the stick in life with the women who find them more appealing.

A couple thoughts:

1. haha small peens.

2. But really, whatever. It’s nice this is out there for people. There are niche dating sites for all sorts of things, why not small dongs and small dong fans? There are dating networks for people with herpes and people who love Donald Trump so much that they only want to date other Donald Trump supporters. Tiny weiners is positively normal by comparison to the latter.

3. Seriously, I cannot stress how much I love Dinky One’s logo.

4. RIP to anyone with asshole friends who find this app on their phone. Also, have fun making up stories about where you met, Dinky One users. You shouldn’t have to do that, but we don’t live in Candyland, unfortunately. You still have to lie about your dick. Sad!

5. Is there a HUGE penis dating app? That’s probably the one I need to sign up for haha

6. jk I signed up for this one.

This story was originally published March 10, 2020.

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