Man Puts “Tire Chains” on His Crocs So He Can Go “Off-Roading” in Them

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Crocs, the slip-on classic clog with a rubbery, punctured twist, is the sort of cultural curiosity that is somehow both a meme and genuinely beloved at the same time. It’s a bestseller of a shoe but also an automatic “lol” when people see them. Which is it, dammit? Are those unisex tie-dye abominations the kooky dental assistant wears hilariously stupid? Or comfortable? Or… both?

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Can you wear something both ironically and unironically? That seems to be the Crocs classic conundrum. But why weigh ourselves down with what it means to own a pair of Crocs when instead we can just enjoy them however the hell we please. These aren’t some ridiculous $700 Nikes and we’re not sneakerheads.

One of the most recent “WTF photos” involving Crocs came from Ben Kron on Facebook. The picture itself is a year old just recently gone viral. His invention? Some DIY snow tires for your feet. Crocs with chains on them.

The trending post showing off this guy’s souped up Crocs shoes has all sorts of people reacting with Hahas, OMGs, and genuinely perplexed tweets. Crocs have had a wide selection of absurd alterations over the years — see these steel-toed Crocs — and we know about most of them thanks to the magic of the internet. Are these “Snow Tire Crocs” the most absurd? Probably not if we’re being honest. As great as these redneck Uggs are there are too many Crocs with bizarre Anime and Manga characters on them, or with some bizarre Crocband across them, for these to take the cake.

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Maybe if someone takes them out and gets a mean case of frostbite in them we can upgrade them on the list. At least these Croc chains are removable though. You probably still get to use their free returns policy with this upgrade, unlike if you paint your dog’s face on them or something.

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