Domino’s Driver Gets Car Stolen While Delivering a Pizza to Customer

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Delivering pizza can be a dirty job. You can drive through the mud and the muck, wintery conditions, storm fronts… you name it.

Then you have to get out of the car to walk through it as you take the pizza to someone’s front door. But at the very least, what you would like to find when you return to your vehicle is precisely that — your vehicle.

One Domino’s driver in Baltimore wasn’t so lucky, however.

As shared by TikToker Kristen Fellows, the pizza delivery girl came to Fellows’ home, and when handing over the pizza, someone stole the driver’s car.

How’s that for being served up a big ol’ stale slice of pepperoni?

Dominos Driver’s Worst Nightmare

@kk_fellows Dominos delivery gone wrong #storytime ♬ original sound – Kristen Fellows

Anyway, while the driver was making the delivery, someone in a ski mask jumped into the vehicle. Which, by the way, appeared to have been locked — and raced away.

“So we were like, come in, come in, come in,” Fellows said her party told the driver. “Who can we call?”

The driver’s cell phone was of course in the car, but she was able to get ahold of someone at work. The store manager tried to locate the vehicle via the Domino’s car tracker, Fellows explained.

Eventually, the police were on the case, using patrol vehicles and even helicopters in their pursuit.

“I literally felt so bad for this woman, and she was so calm and so freaking sweet,” Fellows said.

Fellows has not offered an update on if the car thief was nabbed. But given all the police and Domino’s had worker in their favor, we can safely assume it’s just a matter of time. Horray for the Domino’s app, am I right? Who would have thought, props to the store manager for thinking fast!

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