Hotel Offers 18 Years of Free Stays to Couples Who Make a Baby in it on Valentine’s Day

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Videos by Rare

Uh, I am not really sure what to think about this. I mean, 18 years of free hotel rooms sound like a dream, I’d go back every year. But the whole baby-making part kind of freaks me out a little bit. Turns out a Hotel Zed, located in Canada, is trying to get couples in the mood this Valentine’s day by offering a special deal.

The British Columbia hotel chain is urging couples to do some “baby-making” at Hotel Zed this Valentine’s’ Day at their Victoria and Kelowna locations. The “Nooner package” is said to be good from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Which seems ridiculous to me, because they could have gotten way more people to participate if the deal ran until 2 a.m. You know, because well, booze and hotel rooms somehow always go together.

Rates for the ‘loving’ deal is said to start at $45 USD and available for lucky couples who want some…alone time. The hotel states guests who cash in on the discount will not only have access to their hotel room for a total of four (Ugh..that’s it? at least make it an overnight stay.) hours, but they can also treat themselves to an outdoor hot tub or a game of ping pong.

This year, the Canadian hotel is taking advantage of its “Nooner” special that includes a baby maker promo. Basically, couples who welcome a baby nine-month after their “nooner” experience will get a free Valentine’s Day stay at any Hotel Zed location for the next 18 years!

Does this seem terribly bad? Well, no. If you like kids that is. I mean, think about it, if you ever need some alone time with your spouse on Valentine’s Day, you can easily run to Hotel Zed since a room will always be available for you. Plus, it would be free. It’s a mini getaway that you can unlock anytime you want.

The hotel did state that the offer extends to those who have a child through adoption or surrogacy. But, it does not extend to couples who prefer to remain childless or already have children, unless they want to add one more. Hotel Zed websites stated, “We know that the stork can take many routes to bring a baby into your family. As long as a new child has been welcomed into the family nine months after your Nooner, we’ll be celebrating with you.”

The deal also states anyone is free to take advantage of this deal, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. So, as long as you are welcoming a baby into your family nine months after your ‘adventurous stay’ you can take advantage of this promotion.

So, is it something you’re interested in? All you have to do is visit the Hotel Zed website, book the hotel room and read the promo guidelines, and boom, happy baby-making. Personally, this seems a little bit weird to me. One, because all of these babies are going to be Scorpios, and everyone knows that the world doesn’t need any more Scorpios. We have enough.

Two, because well, every staff member is going to know you’re having sex in your hotel room. Kind of awkward if you ask me. But hey, that’s just me. If you’re into that…then go ahead! Off to Canada, you go!

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