89-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident Gets Male Stripper for Christmas

Whoever said Grandma’s can’t have fun during Christmas clearly haven’t met 89-year-old Joan. The English women’s Christmas wish this year came true when a male stripper with a “large chest and big biceps” came to surprise her at her nursing home and literally stripped down in front of her. Yes, this woman was given the striptease by a stripper disguise as a fireman at the Glastonbury Court home in Suffolk England.

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The 89-year-old spoke about the “ incident” saying she thought the fireman was amazing and wishes he could visit every day. Which, by the looks of it I would want him to visit me every day too,
Joan. She also said that she loved her Christmas gift since he made her feel young again, loving every second of it.

Grandma Gone Wild!

So how did this hilarious mess occur? Well, apparently Joan put her unique request on the wishing tree at the home, and staff members saw it. Other residents typically just asked for a trip to the beach or an afternoon tea, but not little old Joan here, she asked for a full striptease from an attractive man.

So, determined to make her dreams come true Glastonbury Court care home staffers arranged for a very loyal stripper to visit Joan and her 84-year-old friend Pauline. Luckily for us, this whole incident was caught on video where one can see the mock fireman waving a belt around his head trying to seduce the women so nonchalantly in the residents’ lounge.

A Wonderful Christmas Gift!


The elderly care home, which was rated “good” by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission, cares for up to 60 residence including those who live with dementia. In 2017 the home was praised for having a “positive, open, and inclusive culture” with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Which, now we know why.

I mean if this is how they treat their patients for Christmas, imagine what they’ll do for Valentine’s Day. Fireman Stripper visits for all, hands down. I want to be like Joan when I’m 89. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on December 13, 2019.

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