Man Allegedly Faked His Own Kidnapping to Spend New Year’s Eve With Lover

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An Australian man decided to ring in the New Year with deceit and adultery, and ultimately, his arrest.

Other than all that, 2023 is off to a great start.

This all happened because the man, Paul Iera, 35, allegedly faked his own kidnapping — just to avoid his wife and instead spend time with his mistress.

He was later charged for leading police on a wild goose chase, or officially, false representation resulting in a police investigation.

Allegedly, Iera left his home on New Year’s eve after telling his wife he needed to meet with the family “financial guy.” Later, his wife received a text from a sex worker, indicating that Iera had been kidnapped, police said.

Iera’s wife reportedly was led to believe that her husband was being held against his will over a $7,000 dirt bike. So she did the sensible thing. She called the police.

Meanwhile, security footage, apparently obtained from his lover’s home, showed Iera and his lover entering her house, under their own power. The video revealed no signs of a kidnapping — and police later released a statement officially announcing the whole thing was made up.

Among Iera’s alleged lies: He told police he was led away by several men but said the sex worker directed the whole thing. She was none too pleased about this once question began to question her.

“Omg Paul I can’t believe what you have done how was I supposed to react,” a text from the woman to Iera allegedly read, after she spilled the beans to the cops. After all, this whole thing was apparently his idea — and he blamed the police.

Basically, faking your own kidnapping is an odd New Year’s resolution and mostly, a really odd way to try to save your marriage. Especially if you get caught.

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