NBA Superfan Knocked Out Cold by Security Guard, Video Shows

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Anyone who follows pro basketball knows Los Angeles Clippers superfan Darrell Bailey, affectionately known as “Clipper Darrell.”

And those who know him tend to love him.

Well, with the exception of a security guard at Arena, where the Clippers play their home games. That particular security guard wouldn’t let Clipper Darrell past him.

As the viral video reveals, the guard held his ground as Darrell, 55, tried to make his way past. Then it appears the guard put his arm on Darrell to keep him from moving forward.

Darrell makes a move to push away the arm — and then, pow. The guard knocked him down, and it appears, knocked him out.

NBA Superfan Knocked Out Cold by Security Guard

Darrell has been attending games for several decades, dressed and dancing in the blue and red sported by LA’s “other” team, the rival of the much-more popular Lakers. The Clippers and Lakers even share an arena — and the seats are colored in Lakers purple and gold. (As an aside, the Clippers are finally getting their own place soon.)

Anyway, the guard who delivered the knockout blow has been canned.

“Clipper Darrell became involved in a verbal and then physical altercation,” Arena president Lee Zeidman told TMZ. “After receiving immediate medical attention, Darryl was transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation and treatment.”

“An investigation of the incident was launched which determined the employee’s behavior to be a direct violation of our training and approved responses resulting in the immediate termination and arrest of the employee by the LAPD.”

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