Pampers is Making ‘Smart’ Diapers Because Apparently Poop is Way Too Advanced Now

Uh, is this what the future will be like? Have we gotten to the point where we’re too lazy to actually check if a baby had peed or pooped in their diapers? According to Pampers, it is. Because there is now an app that connects to your smartphone and literally tracks your child’s urine and bowel movements. Not only that, but the diapers are also said to track your babies sleep patterns. So kind of like a monitor but without a camera. Thankfully.

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Where was this created? Well, last year, Huggies (Pampers rival) debuted quite a similar concept in Korea that allows parents to receive texts and alerts when their child poops. Which is terrifying, because well, the company basically already has your information. So, Pampers stepped it up and created The Lumi, which apparently already has a waitlist ahead of its US launch this fall. Who knew diapers needed a waiting list?

The Lumi app includes an activity diaper sensor that secures to “a landing” on the front of a baby’s diaper. It also comes with a baby monitor and a 10-days supply of diapers. Which seems absolutely ridiculous because every parent knows that after 2 days, those 10 diapers are going to be GONE. The sensors work with a corresponding app to log the child’s pee and identify patterns.

Of course, additional packs of Lumi by Pampers diapers will also be sold separately. The app will display one of three diaper statuses, wet, very wet, or dry. Parents will in theory not have to worry about checking if their toddler is fine or not, rather they just need to look at their phone. As far as pricing, well that hasn’t been released yet. But I bet they are going to cost an arm and a leg.

So, I guess you can say that these new smart diapers are sort of like those ringing doorbells that beep when someone is at your door and you can see them outside. Which thankfully, there is no camera or video monitors on these diapers itself, because then that would be gross. But still, I don’t know, this gives me goosebumps. Are we just going to ignore the security and privacy of the child?

Pampers clearly stated that if purchased, the account information will include the baby’s name, date of birth, sex, and a 24-hour archive of video from the monitor, plus a profile photo if the parent chooses to put one. So yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on this one. It just seems too…unnatural? Also, what happens if you don’t have Wi-Fi? Poop for days!

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