President Trump picks between Bannon and the Kush on “SNL” NBC/Screenshot
Donald Trump speaks to "The Kush" in the "SNL" Oval Office.

“I take North Korea very seriously” says Commander-in-Chief of “Saturday Night Live,” Alec Baldwin. “Kim Jong Un is a bad, bad guy. He is a war monger, he’s quick to anger, he’s a huge narcissist, he’s got a stupid little haircut.” Baldwin isn’t overacting, that’s just ol’ Donald’s earth-shattering lack of self-awareness.

But Mike Pence, played by a joyously robotic Beck Bennett, reminds his boss that there are also a lot of problems at home, such as the infighting between Trump’s top advisers, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon — the conflict is a big distraction from Trump’s short, short list of presidential accomplishments.

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So Trump calls in his not-so-dynamic duo. Bannon is once again represented by Death himself, while Trump’s “little Kush ball” is played by the night’s host, Jimmy Fallon, in full “Jared goes to the Middle East” action figure getup.

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Of course, the whole scenario plays out like a reality show, complete with “You’re fired” and Bannon being dragged back to hell, but Fallon as a mute Kushner is aces. He plays him like a shy frat boy, worried about how taking his shades off might make him seem less cool. But as Baldwin says, “When you’re born rich and marry my daughter, you can do anything you want.”

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