Movie star Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t pulling any punches in this installment of ?Drop the Mic,? “The Late Late Show’s” hilarious rap battle segment. After the show’s host James Corden teased his guest with ?You only get applause when you show up after credits,? a joke about Marvel movies, the actor responded with something simple but deadly.

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?I feel bad for you, son, because I?m the real star. No one knows who you are without Adele and a car,” he claimed, but that clearly wasn’t enough to put Corden away, so Jackson continued his disdainful tirade: “In ‘The Emoji Movie,’ I hear you just play a hand, so look, I?m gonna put it in a way you can understand,? he rapped before extending his arm and giving Corden the finger.

The battle continued, with both competitors holding their own, but in the end, it was clear that Jackson was the victor.

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