This “Wheel of Fortune” contestant thought he won when he had every letter — there was one big problem

During a 2014 episode of “Wheel of Fortune” one college student proved that even if you fail, fail and fail, you may end up in the winner’s circle.

Julian Batts, of Indiana University, ended up the night’s champion. However, his road to success was an embarrassing one.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One of Batts’ several mistakes including his inability to pronounce a word that millions of people know.

After using all of his allotted letters, Batts solved a “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle that read, “mythological hero Achilles.”

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Unfortunately for Batts, he pronounced the final word a-cha-less, instead of the proper pronunciation of a-kill-ease.

From there, Batts only continued to falter as he incorrectly identified two phrases that were near completion.

Despite his many gaffes, Batts walked away the winner of that evening’s game.

“I didn’t have a lot of time to really process,” he said of his mistakes in 2014.

“You have to stay positive. You have to keep the game going. And you can’t let one buzzer discourage your performance for the rest of the game.”

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