Time Traveler Predicts Aliens Will Land on Earth on December 8 via Gigantic Meteor

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Videos by Rare

It always seems as if time travelers have nothing good to say about the future, doesn’t it? Take the latest guy who’s found a way to go back in time as an example. The man claims to have arrived from 2671. He outlined five catastrophic events that will happen between now and then.

Not surprisingly, he used TikTok to spread his message. Perhaps the worst news is TikTok will still be around in 600 years.

Anyway, our time-traveling pal says we’re in line for some lifeforms from another planet. They’ll be making their way to Earth by way of a massive meteor.

And this isn’t happening in, like, 2040 or something. It’s happening on Dec. 8 of this year, he says.

Aliens Will Land on Earth on December 8, According to Time Traveler

@radianttimetraveler The Distants are coming… #fyp #foryou #radianttime #timetravel #timetraveler #viral #xyzbca #theory #conspiracy ♬ Growling Stars – Eno Alaric

The man, who calls himself Eno Alaric, revealed the information in a video with a caption that screamed, “Attention! Yes, I am a real-time traveler from the year 2671, remember these five dates to come.”

As an interesting aside, a drunk Wyoming man who claimed to be a time traveler back in 2017 was arrested after telling police that he was from the year 2048 — and it was the aliens that forced him to drink. (Because, ya know, we need to be forced.)

That said, our modern time traveler predicts that gloomier months await.

“Alaric also speculated four other events that supposedly take place in the next six months,” MSN relayed. “First of which would take place on November 30. He stated that on that day, a new planet that imitates the earth would be discovered by the James Webb Telescope.”

Shortly after that, the aliens will arrive. And Alaric doesn’t really say whether they are hear to conquer the world — or merely to serve as good drinking buddies. Oh, and it should be noted that he changes predictions in nearly every TikTok, making it seem as if the ideas of time travel and aliens are … well, sort of bogus.

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