‘Fox & Friends’ Host Todd Piro Split Pants On Live Television

Fox News host Todd Piro suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Friday morning during a Flo Rida performance. The rapper joined Fox & Friends as part of their summer concert series and performed live.

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Piro joined Flo Rida and his fellow Fox News host Steve Doocy on stage during the rapper’s performance of his hit Low. Piro got a little too low for his pants and split the back of them showing off his underwear.

After the performance it was brought to the attention of the crowd that there was an announcement.

The announcement came from Piro, who walked up to the microphone and announced, “I got too low with Flo Rida and split my pants.” He then turned around to the crowd and revealed his unfortunate situation.

Piro was a good sport about the whole thing

Piro was a good sport about the whole thing and didn’t mind laughing at himself after the embarrassing on stage moment. He even shared a picture of his split pants with Fox & Friends co-host Carly Shimkus pointing and laughing at him.

The caption of the photo shared by Piro read, “While dancing on stage at the @official_flo concert on @foxandfriends, I ripped my pants when I got too low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.”

Several of his Fox News co-workers jumped in on the comment section to poke fun at him. Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz took things a step further.

He shared a couple pictures and a video from the incident on his own Instagram account.

Klotz included a couple of witty captions along with his posts

Klotz included a couple of witty captions along with his posts. The first one shows Piro getting low along with a video in which he captions, ““The next thing ya know…”

The second one shows the aftermath with the caption, “Getting low isn’t without its risks, is it @todd.piro?”

Besides a little embarrassment and a lost pair of pants Piro will be fine. He also provided a valuable lesson for those enjoying Flo Rida’s Low. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion.

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