Florida Man’s Pants Fall Down Mid-Convenience Store Fist Fight, Fight Goes On


A pair of Florida men were filmed mid-brawl at a Wawa in South Florida and the video is going viral on social media thanks to both the colorful commentary and the fact that a combatant’s pants fall off during the fight.

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No Pants, No Shoes, No Service in This Florida Wawa

The video, which was trending on TikTok, is everything you want from a trashy convenience store fight. It takes place in North Lauderdale, Fla. Two dudes who have no idea how to actually fight and are clearly drunk and out of shape. There’s profanity. They’re way too old to be fighting. Everyone else is watching and laughing at them. It’s just wonderful. The only thing that could have made this better is if it had happened in Philly.

But, of course, the best part of this video, by far, is the nudity — the dude’s pants coming off and it deterring neither of them. At all. Any uppercut the other guy throws has a high possibility of catching this guy’s ween but no one cares. Because there are neither rules nor shame in a Wawa fight. These brawlers know this.

These Guys Really Aren’t Concerned with the COVID Pandemic

Where are your face masks guys? I mean obviously they’re not social distancing and we really shouldn’t expect face covering from a guy who isn’t even concerned with covering his junk. Sometimes you just have to chicken box in the middle of a convenience store, COVID be damned. When a man disrespects you you’ve got to untie the rope holding your pants up and throw down. This is the way. The way of 2 a.m. Wawa fistfights. These ancient rules do not bend to our fleeting whims.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Nov 25, 2020.

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