Woman Hospitalized After Mistaking Super Glue For Eye Drops

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When using eyedrops, make sure they are actually eyedrops. That isn’t on the warning label of most eyedrops — but maybe it should be. One thing we do know for sure is super glue comes with such a warning, making certain people know it’s not to be used for anything but surfaces, etc. It’s definitely NOT for the eyes.

This seems fairly simple, but accidents do happen.

A TikTok creator who goes by the name of “Lyd” found this out the hard way, but managed to get through it, eventually. She shared her unfortunate incident on the social media platform, showing the world what can happen when you mistake superglue for eyedrops.

Woman Hospitalized After Mistaking Super Glue For Eye Drops

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“They had me apply an ointment that breaks down and dissolves the glue,” Lyd shared, recording a doctor who was working on the eye. “However, that didn’t appear to be working, so medical staff had to resort to other measures.

“It didn’t work so they started picking at the glue trying to separate my eye.”

Finally, they were able to pry the eye open with a specialized medical tool. It goes without saying that no one should have to go through this.

In the end, Lyd’s eye was reopened and she is back to having full vision again. But it was undoubtedly a frightening journey and one that can make anyone check twice before using eye drops. Especially if those eyedrops aren’t actually eyedrops.

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