Grandma Fights Angry Customer Causing A Commotion In Her Restaurant

I’ve never understood overly rude customers. I get that sometimes service can be poor, but there really is no need to pick an actual physical fight unless the workers happen to start it first. But if there are any lessons to be learned here, the real lesson is to never mess with grandma.

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In the Bay Area of California, specifically the San Francisco Mission District, a snotty customer was upset that her takeout order wasn’t ready by the time she came to the store to pick up. Panchita’s Pupuseria on 16th street has been open for business, powering through tough times because of how COVID has affected small businesses. And the employees wear masks to help efforts against the coronavirus pandemic, but regardless, this customer was just not having it.

As you can imagine how things have slowed because of the pandemic, the viral video shows a woman throwing a fit because her food wasn’t ready yet. Manager Doris Vargas said, “She was just throwing profanity at me and at that point my son was getting dropped off he naturally climbed onto me,” explaining how things started to escalate.

Hearing all the commotion outside, the restaurant owner Doris Campos stepped out from behind the kitchen to see what was going on. The customer decides to grab a five pound bottle of hand sanitizer and throws the heavy jug of hand sanitizer in the direction of the mother and her son. That’s when Grandma Campos decided to step in. She said, “I’m thinking, if it hit my grandson, I mean, I do whatever I have to do,” said Campos. “That’s all. I wasn’t thinking at that moment.”

Restaurant Owner Fights Mean, Angry Customer

Campos retaliates and throws a bag of food at the customer and starts to push a table towards the feisty woman. The customer attempts to push back, but Grandma Campos had had enough. She said, “She push the table and I got on the table and I try to push her with the table because I don’t want to be close to her,” said Campos. “That’s all. And by accident she fall down I don’t think I pushed her to fall down. But it happened.”

The video, by NBC Bay Area, shows the woman falling backwards and another passing customer getting her out of the restaurant before things turned for the worst. According to Fox News, even though everyone turned out to be okay, Panchita’s Pupuseria would like an apology at the least, which, they pretty much deserve.

So lesson learned: seriously, don’t mess with grandma.

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