Woman Accused of Posing as Social Worker To Kidnap Newborn Baby

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Yikes, it looks like someone didn’t really think her plan out. A 38-year-old California woman, who allegedly posed as a social worker to try to kidnap a 2-week-old baby, surrendered to police after her face was blasted all over California. The suspect showed up at a home in Santa Ana, South of Los Angeles, telling the mother she was with Social Services.

The suspect said she knew that the mother had given birth two weeks ago, and she needed to take the baby with her. The suspect couldn’t provide any identification and rejected the mother’s demand to ride along with her baby, saying there was no room in her car for both of them. She then threatened the mother, saying she was going to return with Sheriff’s deputies and have the newborn forcibly removed.

Standing her ground, the mother said she would rather wait for the deputies to come to her home than give her the child. The suspect immediately fled the scene, as the mother recorded a video of her and quickly showed it to the police. The video circulated through social media and on TV, causing the suspect to turn herself into police custody later that evening.

Social Services later confirmed the suspect was indeed not working for them, and the suspect said she was at the residence earlier that day but was “not there kidnap the baby.” It is unclear if the suspect will be charged with a crime, but the Santa Ana Police Department is more concerned about how the woman knew she had just given birth, and where they lived. She will allegedly be interviewed by homicide detective

This is pretty scary, the mother definitely did not believe one single word coming out of this woman’s mouth. Supermom came out of nowhere and asked for credentials ASAP. It just makes you wonder how this woman knew that she had given birth two weeks ago.

My guess is that she probably saw her at the hospital and stalked her all the way home waiting for them to settle in to “attack.” I mean, how did she know where they lived? Something isn’t adding up. Be careful out there people, you never know who might step on your front door. Be like supermom and ask for receipts. It is not standard procedure for social workers to show up at your home without credentials to prove their status as government employees.

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