Biden Laughs In Face Of Reporter Asking About A Potential Trump Pardon (Video)

President Joe Biden spoke to reporters on the White House lawn for a brief moment today before departing to his Delaware beach home. One reporter asked Biden about Ron DeSantis’ supposed plan to pardon former President Trump if elected in 2024.

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The reporter can be quoted as asking, “Did you see that Ron DeSantis said that if he became president, he would pardon Trump? Where are you on the idea of the president pardoning Trump?”

Biden laughed directly in the face of the reporter, raising his hand and walking away. See a clip of that moment below…

Keep in mind that while Trump was raided by the FBI at his Mar-A-Lago home in Florida over alleged ‘classified materials’, Biden’s attorneys were allowed to comb through evidence for days with no FBI supervision before the FBI seized classified material that were illegally under the possession of President Joe Biden.

Some documents dated back to Biden’s time in the Senate, revealing a career pattern of violating the law. The only difference between Biden and Trump is the political perspective of those doing the investigating of their cases.

Biden gets the easy treatment, Trump gets jackbooted thugs storming into his home and raiding his son’s bedroom.

Hunter Biden gets his entire IRS investigative team dismissed because one member of the team alleges preferential treatment of his case, while Barron Trump has his room torn apart by FBI officials.

No wonder Americans have lost faith in institutions like the FBI… It’s for good reason. There is nothing about their actions, particularly as it relates to the Biden Crime Family, that shows objectivity. Only political bias of the highest order.

To President Biden, the political persecution levied against Trump and his base is a laughing matter.

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