Biden Pulls Out Cheat Sheet To Speak With World Leaders At G7 (Video)

Just before he was set to speak with World Leaders at the G7 Conference today, President Joe Biden reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve his notecards.

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We covered those cards just yesterday, showing the simplistic instructions written for Biden, who is obviously struggling with the most basic of tasks.

See a picture of that notecard below…

Biden pulled out his cards once again today, see a clip of that moment below…

We also showed a clip this morning where President Biden told a reporter to “Shush up” after he was pressed over debt ceiling negotiations that are currently raging on Capitol Hill. Biden has cancelled his trip to Australia in order to return to the United States. See a clip of Biden snapping at that reporter below…

Biden also stumbled down a small flight of steps yesterday, see a clip of that moment below…

Remember that this conference is supposed to be a show of strength to Russia. Biden has even talked at G7 about training Ukrainians to use F16 fighter jets.

Biden and his allies have openly talked about a ‘Ukrainian counter-offensive’…. a surefire way to kickoff World War Three.

This senile man is dragging us into a global conflict that will shatter the lives of billions of people around the world. He must be removed from office before it is too late.

What do you think?

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  3. Biden’s age has nothing to do with his ability to lead this country. GOD gave him longevity of which no human being can do. His wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and patience can not be attained at age 1. It takes longevity to weave thru this maze called Life. God gave President this assignment although we voted for him. He will continue to lead the United States out of Trumpism and McCarthyism. Because this 118th Congress is the Worst in over a 100yrs.

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