Kamala Harris’ Debt Ceiling Briefing Marred With Technical Difficulties, Hoarse Voice (Audio)

Vice President Kamala Harris held a press briefing over the phone today about the looming deadline for raising the debt limit. Remember, Republicans have passed a bill in the House that raises the debt limit.


The Biden Administration is simply refusing to negotiate on non-essential spending cuts which Republicans have proposed as part of their bill.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Vice President kicked off her briefing today with nearly no voice at all. Her regularly shrill voice was made even worse. She can be quoted as saying in an unbearable clip, “You can hear I have a bit of a frog in my throat! Please forgive me. I’ve been talking about this issue a lot recently. Ha ha ha”

Hear a clip of that moment below…

Harris was then interrupted just two minutes in, as her assistant spoke over the phone telling reporters that the Vice President was experiencing “technical difficulties”. Hear a clip of that moment below…

Kamala Harris also repeated the strange Biden trope that ‘In America, we pay our bills!’ Usually Biden will add the phrase ‘deadbeat’ somewhere in there, but Harris gets the idea… Hear a clip of that moment below…

Remember, we published an article this morning showing Joe Biden claiming that he works for Kamala Harris at the White House. It seems that Harris is taking a more prominent role as the election nears.

What do you think?

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