Rare Attacked By CNN: Editor-In-Chief Troy Smith Responds

I had the honor of guest-hosting the Roger Stone StoneZONE podcast on Friday, where I addressed attacks made against this network by CNN in recent weeks. In a segment aired to their network, and posted to their social media accounts, CNN made the abhorrent and false claim that Rare is a ‘right-wing fringe’ outlet.

Videos by Rare

CNN showcased one of our headlines in their hit piece, prompting several syndicates to begin censoring Rare’s content across the board, no matter the subject. View the false accusations made against Rare by CNN in the segment below…

How ridiculous that CNN, a network that is quite literally notorious for distorting facts in order to push the agenda of the Democratic Party, is accusing this outlet of being something other than a legitimate news operation.

CNN is left-wing fringe, and because they refuse to cover President Biden honestly, they have now resorted to attacking any outlet that does cover the President honestly… including Rare. I addressed these attacks by Donie O’Sullivan, Jim Acosta, and CNN in my most recent appearance on the StoneZONE. Check out that full appearance embedded below…

Rare is not right-wing fringe… We simply tell the truth. Obviously, that simple action of telling the truth is dangerous to those within the mainstream media, who have made a good living of obfuscating the truth for generations.

The de-centralization of media is very real, and as the dinosaur media continues to fall, their attacks against rising outlets with stories and content that are appreciated by the average American continue to become more bizarre and unfounded.

CNN is Fake News.

What do you think?

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