White House Press Secretary On Biden’s Age: “80 Is The New 40!” (Video)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made an embarrassing excuse for President Joe Biden’s health during her daily press briefing on Friday.

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A reporter asked Jean-Pierre during her briefing, “How does the president plan to convince the American people over the next year that 80 is not too old for someone who’s running for re-election?”

Jean-Pierre responded, saying, “80’s the new 40, didn’t you hear? Look, you know I get asked this question about once a week, maybe twice a week, I don’t know… I’ve lost track. This is a President, if you think about it, in 2019 he got the same criticism. In 2020, he got the same criticism, in 2022, he got the same criticism, and every time he beats the naysayers, every time he does above and beyond and makes history in doing that, that others are not able to do, and I think that’s important too.”

See a clip of that moment below…

It seems that Jean-Pierre got lost during her response here. Perhaps her recent breakup is distracting her from a job that she was never really great at in the first place!

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