Netflix’s Pornhub Documentary Sheds Light on Controversial Website’s Rise and Fight

A new documentary is hitting Netflix, and it is expected to shed some light on the adult industry, particularly as it pertains to the internet.

Or to be exact, it explores the ever-popular and controversial site Pornhub, which seems to be singled out as the catch-all for the anti-porn movements. MoneyShot: The Pornhub Story promises to explore all that and more.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The documentary not only covers those fighting against Pornhub and the legal battles of free speech that comes with it, but also how the website rose to prominence.

Pornhub Gets a Documentary

“Pornhub became a household name because of its search engine optimization strategy (meaning, they claimed top spots on Google searches) and savvy decisions to advertise in Times Square and publicize yearly traffic insights,” Mashable wrote in its own description of the documentary.

That is covered, as is mostly, those who would like the site to be shut down — and the fight taken on by those who work at Pornhub. Regardless of which side of the aisle you stand on (Pornhub/free speech vs. the other side), it should make for an interesting documentary.

For instance, one of those opposing Pornhub’s existence accused the site of “knowingly profiting from sex trafficking,” as can be viewed in the trailer (below). Others counter that it is guilty of nothing but giving a large segment of the population what they are hoping to find.

Porn has been under attack since its early days, and Money Shot is expected to give both sides a platform in the modern era. It debuts on Netflix on March 15.

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