Influencer Dubs Herself ‘Sugar Baby’ After Men Pay Her To Travel The World

24-year-old TikTok influencer Charlotte Davies considers herself the ultimate sugar baby. The young woman claims that several older men have been offering to pay big bucks for her to travel and purchase exotic goods. Davies revealed that the catalyst for her to become a sugar baby was when she saw the practice depicted on a television show.

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While speaking to Kennedy News about originally deciding to become a sugar baby, Davies said, “At the time, I’d gotten out of an eight-year-long relationship, so I knew that I didn’t want to get into anything serious anytime soon. The only dating I was doing was very casual, so I just thought that this was like what I’m doing anyway — except I wasn’t getting paid for it.”

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Davies has created something of a side hustle out of being a sugar baby, claiming that she makes $250 per date. Davies, who has a day job as a social media marketing executive, reportedly has 10 sugar daddies and stated that they are way more respectful to her than any younger man she dated before.

Davies added, “You almost wouldn’t expect it because of the nature of the arrangement, but I do feel more respected by these men than by the men I’ve had the misfortune to date in the past. I don’t know if it’s just me having been unlucky with the guys I’ve chosen in the past, but there’s something about guys who are slightly older who seem to have seen more of life and have realized what’s important… Sometimes they’ll take me shopping and pay for everything, or take me to spas, and I actually went to Paris a few weeks ago. Traveling is something that I love any way that I can’t afford to do a lot of the time, so it was really lovely to have everything paid for – plus getting paid to travel, which is amazing.”

The young entrepreneur also stated that she feels pride in bringing more joy to the lives of these men. She said, “A lot of them are a bit socially awkward and shy, so it can be a bit of a challenge to get people to open up, but it’s something that I enjoy trying to do. At the same time as well, it makes me feel really good and confident seeing these people. The guys I meet up with are all so complimentary, and I think maybe it comes from the fact that a lot of them have quite upsetting home lives or are quite lonely. It feels like it means a lot to them when you see them. It feels like you’re adding a lot of value to their life, which is really nice.”

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