Man Seen Fighting Kangaroo at Australia Wildlife Park

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A TikTok depicting a man fighting off a kangaroo at a wildlife park in Perth, Australia, has gone viral. The video depicts an American tourist boxing with the animal after choosing to intervene when the kangaroo was bothering a woman and her child.

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The TikTok, which was uploaded by, has currently garnered 1.3 million likes. The video clocks in at two minutes and seven seconds long and is captioned, “My dad was just trying to make sure that kangaroo stopped getting frisky with that lady.”

Wild Video of Man Boxing With Kangaroo

My dad was just trying to make sure that kangaroo stopped getting frisky with that lady #kangaroo #dad #father #thatsmydad #fight #roo #wallabee #Australia #WesternAustralia #perth #aussie #aussiethings

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The video begins with the man pushing the kangaroo away from a woman that it menacingly approaches. The man successfully distracts the kangaroo and stops it from advancing on the woman, but it instead sets its sights on him. The kangaroo stands upright, and a humorous boxing match ensues.

The kangaroo keeps attempting to fight with the man, who backs away and pushes the animal’s head and body. Bystanders can be heard laughing in the background and the man wears a smile on his face, indicating that he isn’t in any real danger. Soon, a teen boy steps in between the man and the kangaroo, and he finds himself stuck in the battle as well. The kangaroo throws jump kicks at the two, and the older man throws kicks back.

At the end of the video, the kangaroo finally seems to be calming down when it stops standing up. The man and teen are able to walk away from the animal, and another woman comes into frame, who seems to scold the feisty kangaroo.

Many TikTokers rushed to the comments section to give their two cents on the strange happening. One TikToker wrote, “Well handled but very lucky it wasn’t a big red!!” while another stated, “He handled that very well. Approached the situation calmly but confidently. Lucky it was only a mid-size roo ‘cause they can do a lot of damage.” 

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