Heinz Launches New Vodka Pasta Sauce For Some Reason


Need a little vodka with your pasta? Hey, who doesn’t?

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And now, thanks to Heinz and Absolut, you can pour the vodka right over your spaghetti.

Actually, homemade vodka sauce for pasta has been a thing for a while now. But it wasn’t until now that Heinz and Absolut announced they’re teaming up to market and sell it.

The Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce bills itself as rich and creamy tomato sauce with basil and cheese. And oh yeah, vodka.

“A match made in pasta heaven, the vodka is the magic that unlocks the flavors and intensifies the aroma of this rich and creamy tomato, basil and cheese sauce,” Heinz announced on its website. “During the cooking process, most of the alcohol from the vodka is reduced, boosting the volatile flavor compounds already present in the tomatoes and creating a rich texture that perfectly balances the creamy, cheese notes with the rich tomato and fragrant basil.”

New Vodka Pasta Sauce

Heinz is mostly famous for ketchup, but as far as we know, has no plans to add vodka to that. Just the pasta sauce.

“We are thrilled with the partnership between these two centenary brands, bringing the first tomato vodka pasta sauce to major UK supermarkets,” Caio Fontenele, Heinz New Ventures Director, said, via Delish. “The iconic combination of Heinz’s high-quality tomato sauces and Absolut’s premium vodka is set to offer fans the ultimate pasta alla vodka experience. And the result is absolutely delicious.”

We’ll see about that.

By the way, if this is something that interests you, you can pre-order a jar before it hits the stores, again, on the Heinz website.

So let the good eats, with perhaps some good drinks, begin.

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