Subway Worker Goes Viral After Showing How Rotisserie Chicken Gets Made

Sometimes, it’s better not to know. That’s what some fans of Subway’s rotisserie chicken may be thinking after an employee showed how it is made.

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And let’s just say it’s not sitting there in Subway, churning on a wheel as it glistens, heats up and is served fresh.

Instead, as the clip revealed, it arrives at the stores in vacuum-packed bulk, “which must then be drained of brine and broken up in a bowl to mix up the meat and fat,” an Indy 100 explained.

Then, the “rotisserie chicken” is portioned out and served.

Again, all of this was shown in a video from TikTok user @subwahos.

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The video received mixed reviews … at best.

“Literally gagged,” read one comment.

“I thought this was the best thing on the menu now I’m appalled,” read another.

That said, the chicken is still chicken and still contains plenty of protein. In other words, it will still help you meet your macros and it is still considered healthy.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just packed in brine to keep it moist and fresh. I worked at subway long ago and it was fine! love the chicken tbh,” wrote one user.

So, there’s really nothing wrong with the chicken. It just may not be made the way you expected. And hey, could be worse.

“I worked at Subway and wait til you guys know how the tuna is made,” read one comment.

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