The Internet Is Going Wild After Starbucks Adds 20g of Sugar to Their Iced Coffee

We all love a Starbucks secret menu item, but a secret ingredient we didn’t order? Not so much!

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In a recent blog post, Barstool Sports called out the popular coffee chain for adding sugar to their iced coffee, whether a customer ordered it or not. The media company also shared the article to Twitter with the headline, “Starbucks Automatically Adding 20g of Sugar To Their Iced Coffee Should Be 100% Illegal.”

Not Everyone Wants Their Iced Coffee Automatically Sweetened

In all fairness, Starbucks isn’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. A quick look at their website clearly shows that a Grande Iced Coffee automatically comes with 4 pumps of Classic Syrup. However, Barstool Sports blogger Nate pointed out that this transparency doesn’t necessarily help.

“It’d be one thing if it was like a can of Coke on a shelf where you can read the nutritional facts before buying it, because in that case it’s right in front of your eyes. But something like coffee? That’s just insane to me,” he writes.  

Sweetened iced coffee isn’t the only reason that Starbucks’s offerings are being criticized online lately. After the debut of the new Oleato™ beverages (coffee drinks infused with olive oil), some customers were less than impressed. This includes TikTok user @bananashrooms, who described the experience as “an oil spill on your iced coffee.” Yuck!

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