Woman Applies For Her Own Job After Company Puts Up A Job Listing With A Higher Salary

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Kimberly Nguyen, Vietnamese-American UX writer, author, and poet, has gone viral after expressing her frustrations with her employer. Apparently, they posted a listing of her current position with the company at a much higher salary than she was receiving.

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She shared her grievances with Twitter and her company. In addition to this, she applied for the posted position. She shared the entire ordeal through a series of tweets.

“My company just listed on LinkedIn a job posting for what I’m currently doing (so we’re hiring another UX Writer),” she began. “And now thanks to salary transparency laws, I see that they intend to pay this person $32K-$90k more than they currently pay me, so I applied.”

“I don’t want to hear one more peep out of them about diversity, equity, and inclusion,” she continued, “I don’t wanna see any more of our C-suite execs recommend books for women’s history month. They were tangible actions they could’ve taken and they chose to perform these values. No thank you.”

The tweets continue, “I have also been arguing for months about the pay inequity. I have told my managers multiple times that I know I’m being underpaid. I have gotten the runaround, and they know they can do this right now in a tough labor market.”

Additional Comments

She goes on to discuss more details about the incident as the post gains traction.

“They’re saying it was an internal posting and wasn’t meant for anyone to apply to externally  because public companies legally have to post jobs even if it’s an internal conversion…but that doesn’t solve the fact that someone internally is now still going to make $32K+ more???”

When news outlet Bored Panda reached out for comment, Nguyen said that she is “a big believer in livable and fair wages. I felt I needed to advocate for myself because no one was going to do it for me. I’ve been asking for a raise for months, and to see the range I wanted listed but not available to me made me really upset.”

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