Hunter’s Business Partner Confirms Joe Biden Is ‘The Big Guy’

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Hunter Biden has been struggling with a multitude of legal allegations, potentially connected to President Joe Biden. Devon Archer, Hunter’s business partner, has confirmed that Joe Biden is the ‘Big Guy’ mentioned in Hunter’s sketchy dealings.

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Devon Archer is allegedly a good friend of Hunter Biden’s and acted as Hunter’s business partner for Rosemont Seneca. He has recently been brought into the House Oversight Committee to testify concerning the legality of Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine with the questionable company Burisma.

In those dealings, Hunter often coerced the business leaders at Burisma in connection to an individual he labeled: “The big guy.” Many believed the individual to be none other than Joe Biden, however this was not validated until the Devon hearing.

Hunter Biden’s Partner Confirms Joe Biden Is The Infamous ‘Big Guy’

Biden and the White House have denied Joe Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s dealings while whistleblowers were claiming the opposite. Though there was little room for doubt following the whistleblower’s claims, still the connection was dismissed. That all came to a screeching halt when Devon came to testify. Not only did Devon point out that Joe is in fact the big guy Hunter used to leverage deals when Joe was Vice President, he also shared the number of phone calls Joe made to Hunter’s associates. Devon revealed that Joe had been in on 20 calls regarding the dealings.

Furthermore, Gateway Pundit reported that Joe Biden threatened Ukrainian officials to fire Viktor Shokin from his work on the Natural Gas Company Burisma Holdings. Viktor was working as the lead investigator of the company’s dealings at the time.

Pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes has been the Biden tactic, however that too is falling through. Hunter’s plea deal blew up in his face after a federal judge tore it to pieces. Hunter’s questionable art deals are currently being investigated. Now, Joe’s collusion with Hunter has been verified. The American people do not take such trickery lightly.

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