Selena fans are having a very Merry Christmas thanks to a Texas family whose dazzling Christmas light displays are going viral.

As you can see, featured below, the Hinojosa family in Boerne, Texas, turned their home into a holiday headquarters once again this year, syncing their extensive light show to popular tunes.

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Selena may not be known for her recordings of holiday songs, but it didn’t stop the festive family from including her in their light show — a move proving to be almost as popular as the late Tejano star.

Out of all their sequences, commenters are making it known they believe one is stealing the show: Selena’s hit “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

The Hinojosas posted a video of the light show on their home’s Facebook page, and it is already boasting over 25,000 reactions and more than 34,000 shares.

According to reports, this is the fourth year the family put together their light display, but they said this is the first year they featured Selena.

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The family’s display also reportedly features songs from Moana and Pentatonix, among others.

You can see more videos of the home by visiting their Facebook page.

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