Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Newborn Is So Stinkin’ Cute in New Photos from the Farm

On June 23, 2018, Chip and Joanna Gaines welcomed their fifth child to the world and it seems that baby Crew Gaines is a perfect fit on the Texas farm. Turning 40 shortly before his birth, Joanna Gaines looks absolutely radiant in these recent photos shared on Instagram of the family’s latest adventures. As the final season of Fixer Upper aired this spring, it only seemed fitting that the Waco couple would take this summer to bond as a family and welcome their newest member into the fold.

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Crew Gaines joins siblings Drake, 13; Ella, 11; Duke, 10; and Emmie Kay, 8, and y’all, the photos of him with the whole family are enough to make you melt. Don’t you just love the scent of a newborn baby’s sweet noggin? There’s something so comforting about it, and it looks like the Gaines’ are soaking up every minute with their new baby boy.

Joanna isn’t the only one sharing sweet snaps. Chip Gaines is also sharing some of his own, especially emphasizing his hospital bracelet in the adorable photos. The Gaines family is just especially photogenic. When you add the newest cuddle bug to the mix, it’s almost to look at for fear of your heart bursting from cuteness.

Fans of the couple noticed that recently, his bracelet fell off. In a sweet tradition, Chip wears his hospital bands until they fall off, something he began when the couple began having children. The birth of newborn son Crew was no different.

It’s a sweet surprise every time the Gaineses opens up their brood to the world by posting photos on Instagram or through an Instagram story. While the updates aren’t so frequent, it’s nice that the family feels comfortable sharing shots of snuggle time online. To be honest, I’m glad that the Gaineses aren’t so open with the public. The photos they share are tasteful and always drive home one thing: love. If only more famous families would follow in their footsteps…

As an aside, I know lots of families that would be jealous of the natural birth patten of the Gaines’ — after all, how many families have babies in such tidy order, boy-girl-boy-girl-boy? Little Crew couldn’t have picked a lovelier family to join. We’ll keep you updated as Joanna Gaines shares sneak peeks of both her new design book and her family life.

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