Cops Pull Over Two Men on Amish Buggy Drinking Spiked Iced Tea WKYT

It looks like Trumbull County’s Amish Country should keep an eye on their residents a little bit better. Authorities are currently trying to find two men who basically took off running when they were pulled over for drinking and driving…in a buggy! Yes, a buggy!

According to police reports, a sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in North Bloomfield, when he saw two Amish men drinking spiked iced tea, so he conducted a routine stop. He then noticed that on top of the buggy there was a case of beer. As far as beer type, apparently, it was a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra. So classy.

Wait, but that’s not all. This wasn’t just your regular buggy, it was tricked out with a full-on giant stereo system and large speakers. Yes, Amish with a style. Although buggies aren’t really around anymore, police stated the horse and the buggy are considered a vehicle. This means that yes, Impaired Driving Laws do apply. Basically, you’re not allowed to drink and drive or operate a buggy if you had one too many beers. Sorry, y’all.

Nothing to See Here, Just Two Dudes Drinking Tea in a Buggy

The Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled the buggy over, but the men were quickly stunned and decided they weren’t sticking around to talk to the man, bolting into a heavily wooded area on the same road.

Spooked out of his mind, the horse ran off pulling the buggy with him. Luckily, the deputy was able to catch up to him after a short chase, but the men got away. He was taken to a local farmer until authorities can find his owner. Despite them fleeing, the sheriff’s office still want to “talk” to the men, who could be charged with failure to comply when the deputy ordered them to stop.

But between us, I bet it’ll be quite sometime before these two turn themselves in. Still, this is hilarious. This dynamic duo was just trying to have a good time, and relive old memories. Let them live! At least they weren’t driving a pick-up truck, that would have been a mess!


Editors Note: This article was originally published on September 19, 2019.

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