Bridesmaid Goes Viral For Cringe-Worthy Wedding Speech: ‘I’m Not Going to be Racist’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Listen, if someone automatically starts their speech by saying that they are not racist, I am immediately zoning out. Better yet, I would just chug my beer, and wait for the disaster to happen. Which is exactly what happened with this racist bridesmaid. 

An insanely cringe-worthy video is currently going viral online showing a woman giving one of the most uncomfortable speeches I have ever heard in my entire life. It is so awkward, it is so dumb, and it’s giving me Amy Schumer vibes. No offense to Amy Schumer, I think she’s the best, I’m only referring to her jokes.

What makes this video so bad is that she repeatedly says that she isn’t going to be racist, but then proceeds to be racist in the stupidest way ever. I honestly do not know how someone did not stand up and take the mic away.

 Basically, a woman gave a wedding speech to a mixed-race groom and bride. You don’t necessarily see the couple but you know they’re interracial because the woman does not stop talking about their different races.  It all begins when she starts to tell the broom, “you better take care of my girl because if you don’t I know where you live.”  Which then prompts several awkward laughs from the guests. Is then quickly goes south when she says, “you’re a part of the family, I swear to God. Like, I’m not going to be racist, you guys, I’m just saying.”  That’s when you can hilariously hear several guests saying “oh my gosh,”  in response to the speech. 

Racist Bridesmaid Goes Viral For Cringe-Worthy Wedding Speech

She also says, “that she loved that the couple is “outstepping the stereotype and I love it.” Wait there’s more…she thensays, “I love black people, you guys are the best.” 

Womp, womp…someone please just throw her out the door. You obviously know that everyone felt so uncomfortable especially since you kept saying, “ I’m just kidding.” She said a total of seven times mind you. 

What is funny to me is that the video was posted by the sister of the groom, and currently has more than 10 million views. The user captioned the video,  “CRINGE WARNING. So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like.”

Also, the fact that this bridesmaid knows the bride for over 9 years is insane to me. How do you stay being friends with someone like this for 9 years? I don’t even want to begin to tell you what the comments said, because they’re pretty much all like this.

 My advice here? Maybe don’t pick racist friends to make speeches at your wedding. Or make sure they actually have a speech set up and not just talk from the top of their head like this woman. I am sure she is mortified, as she should be.

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