This Hilarious Cat-Butt Tissue Holder Is The Perfect Gag Gift Amazon

Cat’s are the best, I love cats. They are cute, funny, and sometimes sassy, but all those work together to make it the perfect pet! Plus, let’s not forget that they run the internet with hilarious videos. So they pretty much rule us all.  So if you’re a cat person, this is definitely for you. Introducing the hilariously adorable Cat Butt Tissue Holder! You need it, no questions asked, you just do!

Pull tissues out of a cat’s butt? Yeah sure, so disturbing and fun at the same time. You can buy the hilarious Butt Dispenser on Amazon, because of course, for only $35! All you have to do is place your standard size tissue box inside of its butt, and you’re set! Because yeah, what’s better than using a cool tissue dispenser shaped like a sweet innocent orange tabby cat to clear your sinuses!

This Hilarious Cat-Butt Tissue Dispenser Is The Perfect Gag Gift

I honestly can’t think of a more hilarious conversation starter for your home. Can you just picture someone’s face when they enter your house and see a cat with tissue sticking out of its butt? Sure, it’ll haunt them for life, but I’ll give them a good chuckle.

But wait, there’s more! Apparently, there is also a dog butt tissue dispenser because there are also dog fans out there who sneeze from time to time. The dog one is so clever since it’s just a dog’s butt popping out from what I assume is a hole in the ground. Genius! That pup is up to no good, but we are loving it!

This Hilarious Cat-Butt Tissue Dispenser Is The Perfect Gag Gift

I really don’t know what these creators were thinking while coming up with these, but it’s hilarious. Sponsor them asap Kleenex, because they are going places! What’s next, a giraffe one? I’d buy it.

The best part about these dispensers is that Both cat and dog are made from durable resin that will survive a few falls and bumps. Also, if you kind of think about it, they look pretty real, which is scary. Still, it’s certainly a great gift to give that annoying aunt or that cousin that keeps stealing your stuff. Perfect for cat lovers too!

Heck, I’m buying 2 for myself, no shame. I love you, Amazon.

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