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CouchCoaster is giving “hold my beer” a whole new meaning. There are three things you have to take to the couch before a Netflix binge night. Snacks, water, and a nice warm blanket.

The most important out of these three is a drink. The least your lazy butt can do while watching Yellowstone all day is hydrate. If your recliner, sectional, or designated TV chair doesn’t have a cupholder, you need to checkout Amazon for the ultimate drink holder.



This one-size-fits cupholder is needed in all living rooms. Sometimes I’m too lazy to reach for the coffee table to grab a drink. You or someone else in your life needs this. Does your husband not use the coasters on the coffee table? Make him use a CouchCoaster that he can keep on the armrest of his favorite spot on the couch. The CouchCoaster is perfect for the whole family. People sitting on the end of the couch finally have a spot for their soda on the couch arm.

You can use it on sofa arms, seat cushions, or drape it over the backrest of your couch. Put coffee cups, tumblers, and cans in this adjustable holder. Its tacky base and bpa-free silicone body will be sure to have a snug fit to hold your drink. If you’ve been dreaming of an easy reach for your coffee or beer, this gadget will be a game-changer for you.


If you have a small living room and don’t want a coffee table or nightstand, this an ideal alternative for tables and drink coasters. Prevent knocks and spills on with a new CouchCoaster for your fabric and leather sofas.

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